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About Us

Hi, my name is Tracey Boulton and I'm the founder of HR Helpdesk, My goal is to provide professional support

to you to assist you to establish sound frameworks, resolve business problems and ensure smooth day to day operations.

I founded HR Helpdesk with a single focus: to make life easier for you, by working side by side with you, offering you a solution that is personal, specifically tailored to your needs and that of your business, your strategy, your people and budget.

I have 17 years experience working across major sectors including; Recruitment Services, Professional Services, Construction, Water & Power, Retail, and Local Government. I have worked for some of the biggest brands globally including Lend Lease and Starbucks Australia and have recently worked in QLD Local Government for 5 years. I have had significant management experience during this time and I have an intuitive sense for people, business and finding solutions. 

The benefit I offer to you is on demand, as needed, professional support that is cost effective and easy to access.